Running is a big sport everywhere and rightfully so.  Perhaps the biggest of all sports in terms of participants, no equipment required and most of us already know how to do it.

Still it is fun to run with other people.  There are a few groups in town.





Doha Bay Running Club

They can be found on facebook here!/groups/dohabayrunningclub/

In their own words:

A group of runners who enjoy running in Doha, Qatar.

The main run is on Friday morning at 5.30am on the Corniche next to the Sheraton Hotel.  Route varies each week with pre-assigned water stops.  Depending on the weather the route will be between 10km (Summer time) up to 35km at the end of December as part of the Dubai Marathon training.

Additional groups run at different times and locations;

Sundays (5pm)
Run Hyatt  Park – Meet in Time Trials car park next to Grand Heritage Hotel (far side from the shops).

Tuesdays  (7pm) (was Wednesday)
Track session at Qatar Sports Club for interval training. near to Tennis Stadium.

Wednesdays (6pm)
Once a month we organize a 5km or 10km time trial race at Hyatt Park.  Start close to Heritage Hotel.

Saturdays (5.30am)
Meet at Zakreet village for a run in the desert.  This run takes place once per month.   Other locations have also been run.  We also run a few other locations on Saturdays.

Other sessions are often  organized via the Facebook web page, so please check for details.

After the Friday morning run we meet at the coffee shop (Caffe 1882
Vergnano)next to the Qatar Sports Club near the stadium to have a chat and
relax after the run.  This is a great way for new runners to quickly get
to know the members of the club.

We also organize a number of Friday brunch social events throughout the
year at hotels or a club member’s house.

So it is more than just a running club but also social club for runners”

Fancy joining us? Anyone interested in running is welcome – we hope to see you at one of the runs!