Qatar is surrounded by the sea and there are pools pretty much everywhere.  Everyone knows how to swim though, right?  No, they don’t.  As with so many of the basics (running, cycling, etc) with swimming we don’t take the time to learn the best techniques to achieve efficiency and get the most from our time in the water.  We take lessons in so many areas of sport but ignore those we do the most. 

At Fitness Qatar we had a look at a few companies who offer swimming coaching and we are pleased to promote H2O swimming club. 


A bit about H2O by H2O

Our vision to promote swimming as part of the overall holistic development
of children, adolescents and adults by creating a center of excellence for
swimming for all levels and ages, headed by internationally trained coaches,
to provide leisure and competitive swimming programs that will instill
invaluable life skills.

The Swim Club is an independently run club operating from the American
School of Doha.  Our goal is to provide a first class year-round swim
programme for all ages and levels, with a special emphasis on teaching
children the value of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Our objective is to develop the character traits, technical skills and an intense desire necessary for the maximum realization of each individual’s potential.

We are committed to providing the following:

  • A sustainable Centre of Excellence for competitive swimming to develop the
    skills of dedicated swimmers in order to help individuals reach their
    maximum potential.
  • A series of comprehensive leisure swimming programmes to reach as many
    swimmers as possible.
  • To instill invaluable life skills by developing a goal oriented and
    challenge driven mindset within a team framework.
  • To promote swimming in Qatar and to have a meaningful role within the

For full details on programmes, schedules and fees please visit us at